CCBHC Letter from HHS

Re: Certification Status of Nueces County MHMR

Congratulations! This letter is to inform you that Nueces County MHMR has successfully completed all activities required by Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) for certification as a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC). As a recipient of this certification, your organization has committed to operating as an integrated behavioral health clinic that supports both the Texas CCBHC Criteria and the Texas Statewide Behavioral Health Strategic Plan. This includes supporting the vision of providing access to care at the right time and place, and assuring that programs and services are:

  • Person-centered with the strengths and the needs of the child, family, or adult determining the types of services and supports provided.
  • Culturally and linguistically sensitive with agencies, programs, and services that reflect the cultural, racial, ethnic, and linguistic differences of the populations they serve.
  • Delivered in a flexible manner, where possible, to meet the needs of each child, family, or adult close to their community.

To achieve this certification, your organization successfully completed the following activities:

  • Desk review of policies, procedures, and related documents supporting the organization’s implementation of the Texas CCBHC criteria have met certification standards of 90% or above.
  • Interviews of direct care and management staff have indicated an adoption of the CCBHC model by all staff in your organization.
  • Ongoing calls with HHSC that have demonstrated the provision of services in alignment with the CCBHC model.

Certification as a CCBHC is active for 3 years, effective March 1, 2022, through February 28, 2025. During this time, HHSC will provide ongoing technical assistance and support. Your center will also be expected to participate in CCBHC activities conducted by HHSC, including evaluation, process improvement, and expansion of the CCBHC model in Texas.

Six months prior to the end of the initial certification period, your organization may apply for recertification, which will consist of a targeted review of any areas that were identified as not fully operational at the time of initial certification. After 6 years, recertification will consist of formal review of all areas. Please note that certification as a CCBHC also requires that the site maintains all appropriate licensures.

It has been a pleasure to work with your organization in achieving this milestone, and we look forward to our continued work together. Should any questions or concerns arise, please reach out to TexasCCBHCInitiative @

Jay Todd
Director, IDD BH Innovation and Engagement

P.O. Box 13247 • Austin, Texas 78711-3247 • 512-424-6500 •